by Valerie

Lying face down on the concrete floor, I felt the gunman press his weapon to the back of my head. My husband DeLonn lay next to me, a second gunman hovered over him. Two other men were looting our home. I was praying as never before.
I should have been terrified, but my heart was at peace. The verse "Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world" kept running though my mind. A voice inside me said, "I am greater, Valerie. Trust in me."
That night at our home in San Salvador, El Salvador, DeLonn and I were putting the children to bed when we heard a loud noise outside. A drunk had crashed his motorcycle on the street. We helped the man off the street, called the Red Cross to take him to the hospital, and brought his motorcycle inside.
Ten minutes later two men knocked on our door. Flashing badges, they said they were policemen and needed to see the motorcycle. As these men questioned us two others arrived. They pulled out their guns and snarled, "Get on the floor, or we'll kill you!" Too late, we realized we had let four thieves into our home.
DeLonn, knowing he could do nothing physically to save us, started talking about the Lord. He told the men that he had come to El Salvador to tell them Jesus loves them. Our two small children, LaDawn and Jorel, were asleep in their rooms. They usually slept lightly, and I prayed that they would not awaken now. Crying babies would only aggravate the situation. The robbers kicked open the bedroom doors, turned on the lights, tore all the clothes out of the closets, and threw them on top of LaDawn and Jorel. The children slept through it all.
The gunmen took everything of value from the house and carried it away in a truck. As the last man turned out he lights and went to the door he whispered to us; "It was only because of your God that you were saved." Then he walked away.
The men were gone. We were alive. Our God is greater.