1984-1986 - Two-year term under MIT program:

On May 31, 1984 DeLonn (age 23) and Valerie (age 27) were picked up by Hermano Grande, the director of the ICI, Jimmy Swaggert office.  He drove them to the missionary apartment, next to the director of the Bible Institute, Hermano Jeremias Bolaños house.  He told them that the stores would be closed for the next three days because of the inauguration of President Duarte.  He then took them to a grocery store to buy a few things then drove them home and handed them the keys to the missionary van and said "Goodbye.  The first three months were hard because there was no phone service, no mail (because of a postal strike), and their small amount of worldly goods sat in Miami.  Valerie was very sick because she was expecting their second child.  There were no other Assembly of God missionaries in the country and very few missionaries of any denomination because of the war.  Valerie, who did not speak Spanish, felt the isolation and culture shock more than DeLonn who jumped into the work from day one. 
DeLonn served on several committees: he was invited to be a member of the National Executive Committee.  He was also elected to the Bible School Board of Directors. Teaching is the work that was and still is closest to DeLonn's heart. He taught in Betel Bible Institute eight to ten hours each week.  He had as many as 94 students at one time.  He also served as supervisor to the students.
DeLonn was the field secretary\treasurer and responsible for all the funds coming into the country.  This included monies for the Jimmy Swaggert office, ICI office, Light for the Lost, Bible Schools and Special projects. 
DeLonn was named the administrator of the conference bookstore and with the help of Valerie established a bookkeeping system, inventory control, held sales, painted and fixed up the physical plant. 
DeLonn served as the assistant coordinator for the 12-outstation churches of the Evangelistic Center.  In this capacity they would visit one or two of these churches every week ministering in word or in song, encouraging the pastors and the people.  He visited the sick, installed and removed pastors, and held several board meetings.  He held workshops to help develop leadership in the newly formed churches.  He had Saturday prayer meetings with all the pastors and co-pastors of these churches. 
In the spring of 1986, DeLonn along with Missionary Roger Simmons and Hermano Archilla put together the curriculum for the theology\missiology degree for the Assembly of God Christian University.  DeLonn also started teaching at the University.  DeLonn's heart burden was for third world missions.  He preached it everywhere he went.  The General Council in January 1986 was dedicated to missions.  DeLonn and Roger Simmons taught all the day sessions on missions. 
DeLonn and Valerie along with Hermano Arturo Arias started a church in the Metropolis area.  They started with 10 adults and when they left six months later the church had grown to 120 adults and almost as many children. The church is now called Apocentro Alto and is pastored by Hermano Cristobal Ramiras.  It has a beautiful building and school    
In the fall of 1985 two missionary families came to El Salvador.  John and Lois Bueno returned after almost five years in the States.  Roger and Norma Simmons also arrived.  John and Lois went back to pastoring the Evangelistic Center and eventually started a new work in San Banito, Templo Cristiano.  Roger and Norma worked in the ICI, Jimmy Swaggart offices.  He also taught at the Bible School and Christian University.
On December 10, 1984, Jorel Timothy Charles was born.  He was born in the Rance's home, which is now the ICI offices.  In October 1985 the Rances were robbed by four armed gunmen in their home.  But the Lord was with them and kept them and their children safe from harm.  After the robbery they moved to Condominio Mediterranio, colonia La Sultana.  This apartment had high security therefore DeLonn felt it was a safer place for his family to live.

1987 - Today - Fully Appointed Missionaries:

In April 1987, DeLonn, Valerie, LaDawn, Jorel, and Shayla flew to Costa Rica so that Valerie could attend language school. After eight months of language learning the Rance's returned to El Salvador.

   During these past twenty five years DeLonn and Valerie have worked in many areas of service:

 TEACHING:  DeLonn has taught missions and theology in both the Bible School and the Christian University.  He has also served on the Bible School board and as the dean of missions/theology department.  In 1992 the first eight graduates of the missions/theology dept. received their Licenciatura in missions/theology.  Valerie has also had the privilege of teaching in the English department of the Christian University and at Josue Christian School. In 2005 The Assemblies of God Theological Seminary asked DeLonn to head up their Missions Department. He developed and put into the curriculum the Doctor of Missiology and the Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies.    
 MISSIONS:  DeLonn served as the president of the Foreign Missions Dept of El Salvador from 1987 through 1996.  El Salvador has sent over one hundred missionaries to countries around the world.  DeLonn has also held five School of Missions for the foreign missionaries of Central America.  DeLonn has taught in churches, held mission conventions, mission camp meetings, and mission retreats to try to help the church of El Salvador see the importance of missions. In January of 1996, DeLonn offically resigned from the office of President of the Foreign Missions Dept. of El Salvador. Valerie set up the accounting system and served as the accountant of the missions' dept. for two years. In April of 1996 she trained a national account to take over the office. DeLonn is currently a board member of the Latin American international missions committee called Misiones en Cojuntos (Together in Missions). In this capacity DeLonn teaches and equips Latin American missionaries to go into the harvest and national churches to send. DeLonn and Valerie have moved beyond Latin America and are spreading the need for national churches to send their own missionaries in places like India, Nigeria, South Africa, Spain, and England.    
BOARDS:  DeLonn has served on many boards and committees.  He was part of the national executive committee for twenty years.  He has also been part of Bible School, Constitution Revision Committee, General Presbyters, Decade of Harvest, and the University Academic council. Valerie has served as part of the national Missionette board.
CAMAD: In June of 1996, DeLonn started CAMAD, Center for Missionary Training of the Assemblies of God. This Training Center has a physical place at Bethel Bible Institute in San Salvador. It also has a movable faculty that can go from country to country to hold missionary training seminars and Schools of Missions for third world missionaries. CAMAD has held more than 100 training seminars too date.
MISSIONARY FELLOWSHIP: 1990 - 1998, 2002 - 2004 DeLonn was given the privilege to serve the missionary body as the Field Chairman. 
RECONSTRUCTION CO-COORDINATOR: After the earthquakes of January 13 and February 13, 2001 DeLonn served as reconstruction co-coordinator for the missionary body and national church. 140 churches were destroyed. DeLonn coordinated MAPS teams to rebuild 93 of these churches using the African Tabernacles. 93 churches have been rebuilt.
CONTINUED EDUCATION: DeLonn perused a second Masters in Church Leadership from Vanguard University and was awarded this second masters in 1993. In 1999 DeLonn was accepted into the Fuller Theological Seminary World Mission's PH.D. program. In 2004 DeLonn received a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies. Valerie has completed a Masters in License Professional Counseling and Marriage and Family Counseling in 2009 from The Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. She is currently and in a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies canadite writing her dissertation entitled "TRAUMA AND COPING MECHANISMS AMPUNG ASSEMBLIES OF GOD MISSIONARIES" at the same institution.
CHILD EVANGELISM:  Valerie has been able to help Don Triplett in his "Castillo Del Rey" program by using her gift in art.  She has painted the Castle and several murals to be used as stage backdrops. She has also used drawing to music to teach children about Jesus.
MINISTRY TEAMS: DeLonn and Valerie have hosted and helped with several teams from the states. These teams have included a Light for the Lost Prayer Task Force, Rocky Mountain WM's Maps team who painted murals for the Kings Castle, Woman's team from Caring First, St. Joe, MO who painted the Central Bible School, four Health Care Ministry teams, a building team that remolded the missions office from Faith Chapel, La Mesa, CA., a building team that built a cistern for the Central Bible school from First Assembly of God, Bettendorf, IA; and a building team who built a church in the jungle of Puerto Limera, La Moskitia, Honduras for one of El Salvador's missionaries from First Assembly of God, Muskogee, OK. From May 30, 2001 thorough June 24, 2002, DeLonn and Valerie have hosted 31 teams for church reconstruction with the help of two MA families, Andy and Robin Rogers and Bob and LeAnn Bachman.